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Select Sit Stand Chair Suited to Varying Office Tasks

July 11, 2015 / no comments, on Blog@Work

Sitting around is even exhausting! True story: you’ll feel less tired if you get regular activity and nice comfy sit stand chair. There’s over more than one way to sit down right. The correct and most comfy way to sit at a laptop is totally different from the way you sit for driving or writing at a table. There are 3 sorts of sitting postures: forward, upright, and reclined. Every posture wants a distinct quite support. Some chairs will befits support over one quite sitting task.

If you employ one chair for a mix of tasks, like writing (forward sitting) and laptop tasks (upright or reclined sitting), choose a sit stand chair that helps wherever you wish it most. Remember, the correct sitting posture for one activity is also wrong for one more.

Reclined sitting postures are used for resting, oral communication, and different activities with the eyes centered forward or upward. The majority reclines to observe TV, and a few recline to drive or use a laptop.

Upright sitting postures are used for operating with the hands near the body and also the eyes centered straight ahead. The majority sits upright to sort and eat, and a few sit upright to drive or use a laptop.

Forward sitting postures are used for reaching tasks and tasks with the eyes centered downward. Writing, drafting, dentistry, and employing a magnifier sometimes need forward postures.

Sit-stand stools stand into 5 classifications:


Saddle seats or saddle stools, saddle sit stand chair is ideal for 2-handed forward-reaching work. Once you get accustomed them are quite snug, even for long for those long work days. However, for a few individuals it takes for a while to urge accustomed the wide stance and saddle pressures.


Bicycles seats are a smaller and typically lower-cost version of a saddle seat, and may be employed in identical approach. But the smaller seat size creates them less snug for long periods of sitting.


Perches are typically lower value and rugged, however they’ll become uncomfortable once used for prolonged periods. The most important disadvantage is that you just cannot perch as high as you’ll be able to on a saddle seat or seat stool, as a result of there’s an inclination to slide forward off the flat seat pan.


Tractor and falls seats are quite snug, however forward reach vary not as nice like the opposite sit stand chair seat varieties. The user’s feet cannot be ideally positioned below the body’s center-of-mass throughout the reaching activity attributable to the bigger depth of the seat

Article by Peter Ulrich

Hi there, This is Peter Ulrich. I am currently living in Singapore and own a business called ErGozones which is a pioneer in ergonomic office furniture to enhance the work quality in the office environment.


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